Cookie Policy

1. What is a cookie? How does it work?

Generally speaking, a cookie is a small text file stored by the browser of your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It allows the correct operation of our website, more efficient user experience or browsing data analysis.

There are different types of cookies depending on their purpose, such as functional and technical Cookies (strictly necessary), Analytics cookies (website traffic), Marketing cookies, …

Only cookies that are not strictly necessary for the proper operation of a website require the prior consent of the user before being deposited.

In this case, on this website, we only deposit cookies that are strictly necessary cookies, as listed below.

2. Functional and technical cookies deposited on our website

These cookies are used to memorize your choices and preferences and to facilitate your navigation. They help make a website usable by activating basic functions such as authentication to a service, automatic language settings, storage of a shopping basket, access to the customer area. The website cannot operate properly without these cookies. Therefore, they cannot be refused.

Cookie Subgroup:
Cookie name: _system_session
Cookie used: 1st Party
Lifespan: Session

3. Cookie settings via your browser

Most browsers accept cookies by default. However, you can choose to always block these cookies or to be warned when a site wants to deposit cookies on your browser.

You will find below the different procedures for blocking all cookie deposits directly from your browser’s settings options:

4 Updates

This cookie settings policy can be modified, updated or corrected at any time. The information banner inviting you to consult it and personalise your consent preferences via our cookie settings page will appear when you visit our website following each update.

Last update: 14/04/2021

5. Learn more on cookie consent

To learn more on cookie / tracker on Internet, you can refer to: cookiepedia